What to See – Exhibits in Empire State Building

Are you wondering what’s inside the Empire State Building

Well, it is their history unfolding right in front of you. 

The Empire State Building has come a long way since its inception way back in 1931. 

The ESB has a history to tell, and this is done through the various exhibits which together tell the story of the skyscraper.

The Empire State Building exhibits are a sight on their own, and we can bet you won’t have a fun and wholesome trip until you’ve experienced all of them.

Empire State Building’s exhibits are located on the 2nd and the 80th floors, and all the tickets get you access to the attractions on display.

If you are on a budget holiday, get the Standard Empire State Building ticket or if you are short on time opt for the Express Entry ticket.

The Site in the 1920s Exhibit

Empire-State-Building site in the 1920s
Image: Untappedcities.com

Ever wondered what the Empire State Building was like in the 1920s? 

Here you’ll get your answer. 

This exhibit takes you back to how the Empire State Building was in the 1920s. 

A black and white panoramic image reveals the site of the original Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. 

The hotel stood at the same spot, where the ESB stands today, before being demolished to make way for the latter. 

You can see the city surrounding the site and how the atmosphere of the era looked back then.

With the help of building surveyors, you can look in and witness the New York City streets of the 1920s bloom in full color. 

Unlike back then, now you can see the 1920s in color and get insights and experiences that wouldn’t have been possible before!

Construction Exhibit

Next, visit the Construction exhibit, and see the construction of the Empire State Building come alive around you. 

Taking inspiration from the photographer Lewis Hine, the exhibit is created to transport you back into time. 

This is done with the use of surround sound and life-size video screens on four walls and into the ceiling.

You will be placed right in the middle of construction workers and masons shouting and hustling over work, steel beams and hot rivets. 

Three different models of the building, made out of copper show how the construction of the Empire State Building looked at different points during its construction. 

You can also click pictures with life-like bronze sculptures of construction workers, taking back home great memories as well as great pictures!

Empire State Building Opening Day Exhibit

Empire-State-Building opening day
Image: Patch.com

Experience the excitement of the opening day of the Empire State Building, back when it first opened in the 1930s!

The enthusiasm is created through a set of animated videos, which take you back to the 1930s.

You can see the streets of New York City, filled with cheer and awe of the ESB. 

Feels the emotions of the newspaper boy screaming to let people know of the ESB opening, all the while selling his papers on the streets!

Modern Marvel

Empire Building Modern Marvel
Image: 6sqft.com

This exhibit has been specifically designed to tell you one thing. 

You get an inside look into the steps taken by the Empire State Building’s to become a world leader in the space of sustainability and efficiency. 

The initiative began in 2009 and is memorialized through this exhibit, on display for the public. 

You get to witness their progress over the years on several screens. 

View their journey to becoming a leading example, in the field of energy efficiency. 

Otis Elevators

One of the most significant contributions made during the construction of the building was that of the elevators made by Otis.

Otis Elevators provided groundbreaking technology that made the construction and development of the Empire State Building possible. 

This exhibit is meant as a tribute and dedication to Otis Elevators and their work on the ESB.

In the exhibit, you will learn about the latest advancement in technology in regards to elevators. 

Elevators that as of today, still carry 10 million guests up and down on a daily basis.

Not only that, also step into a simulation of the actual elevators put in place by the original makers. 

Feel the movements and sensations of elevators moving close by, just like how it must have been at that time!

World’s Most Famous Building 

World most famous images- Empire State Building
Image: DigitalArtsOnline.com

A large 72-screen and 180 degree surround sound theater will envelop you when you come to watch this exhibit. 

Witness the value and importance of Empire State Building in modern pop-culture, with a carefully curated montage.

600 clips from across popular culture, media, films, TV shows, comics and games are put together to bring out the building’s iconic place in our art and in our lives.

With an original score commissioned particularly for this exhibit, have a gala time as you recognize and rejoice at the sight of various films, TV, games etc. 

King Kong

King Kong Exihibit- Empire State Building
Image: Gothamist.com

Experience the terror people must have felt in the film legendary King Kong, as you touch Kongs’ hands in this exhibit!

A sculpture of the famous climatic scene of the 1933 film, where Kong climbs up the ESB.

In the Empire State Building King Kong exhibit, you can see the sculpture of Kong’s large hands breaking through the walls. 

Get a full view of Kong through the life-size screen that depicts him huffing and puffing his way up!

The Empire State Building King Kong exhibit is one of the most memorable and sought-after attractions in the building.

Posing in different ways with Kong’s large hands, click tons of pictures with this iconic memorabilia.

Celebrity Visits

Celebrity Visit of Empire State Building
Image: KubikMaltbie.com

The New York ESB makes for a popular spot not just for regular visitors but also A-list celebrities and well known personalities.

Many celebrities over the years have visited the skyscraper to experience it for themselves. 

The exhibit has memorialized their visits with their pictures, souvenirs, and signed/autographed memorabilia adorning the walls for visitors to see.

From JK Rowling to BTS, you’ll find them here!

NYC: Above and Beyond

NYC View above and below - Empire State Building
Image: NycGo.com

Created in partnership with NYC & Company, the NYC: Above and Beyond exhibit needs you to engage with it a little. 

The NYC: Above and Beyond exhibit will help you design a personalized trip itinerary based on the answers you give to some of their questions. 

This is done using interactive features and tech, which show breathtaking and eye-catching destination highlights across the city. 

Every corner of New York City is covered, be it Manhattan, Queens or the Bronx.

Then the exhibit will let you choose the ones you like amongst all its recommendations.

After receiving your answers, the exhibit will assemble a personalized itinerary which you will receive via mail soon after.

In this way, the Empire State Building will also take care of you and help you plan a fulfilling trip!

Artistry in Light

Learn how the Empire State Building’s music-to-light shows are created, in world- renowned lighting designer Marc Brickman’s voice.

View an engaging short film narrated by Brickman which lets you on in the creative and organizing process behind the ESB’s best shows.

Stephen Wiltshire’s Drawing

Famous artist Stephen Wiltshire resided on the 80th floor of the Empire State Building, when he drew a gorgeous landscape drawing of New York City.

His progress and final work was commissioned by the ESB itself. 

After taking a 45-minute helicopter ride above Manhattan, he proceeded to let his magic flow on the canvas, recreating New York’s landscape completely from memory.

You also get to see a 3-minute long short film which documents the making of Stephen Wiltshire’s brilliant drawing of New York City.

Scenes of NYC

NYC Scenes- Empire State Building
Image: Ny.Curbed.com

The classic viewfinders installed at this exhibit will give you the best experience of visiting various places across New York City (although only virtually!).

You can tilt and move the viewer to get a good look at some of the best locations in the city.

Witness nine of such amazing attractions, getting stunning panoramic views of all of them.

Urban Campus

Urban Campus- Empire State Building
Image: NycCityTravelTips.com

The urban campus exhibit is designed to give you a glimpse into what is inside the Empire State Building. 

You may wonder what exactly goes on in the 100+ floors that you don’t get to see.

Here you get your answer.

Discover the office spaces, amenities and inner corridors that occupy the rest of the ESB.

See all the modern-day workplaces and businesses that operate within this towering skyscraper.

Experience the Empire State Building as experienced by those who work here! 

Feel like learning more about these exhibits from an expert? Go for the VIP Guided Tour. Get a private guide who will take you through the stories and mysteries of the Empire State Building. Moreover, you also get VIP access to ALL THE FEATURES of the building.

Featured Image: ESBNYC.com

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