Empire State Building Day and Night Tickets

Wondering when to view the Empire State – during the day or at night?

Empire State is breathtaking both during the day and at night, but the experience is totally different.

Not satisfied with visiting the Empire State Building just once?

Don’t worry because by buying the Empire State Building day and night ticket, you can solve this nagging dilemma!

This entry ticket New York’s finest observatory is also known as the AM/PM ticket.

With this ticket, you get to experience one of the best observation decks in New York City, not once but twice!

Some have said that the views from the Empire State Building at night are even better than during the day. But we will let you decide!

Both the times you will access the 86th floor observation deck.

If you prefer, you can upgrade to the 102nd floor experience at the venue, by paying extra.

Here’s what is included in the Empire State Building day and night tickets, also known as the Empire State Building AM PM tickets:

  • Two-time entry to the Empire State Building on the same day
  • Access to the 86th-floor observation deck
  • Access to the second-floor immersive exhibits
  • Downloadable audio guide app

When to visit during the day?

If you buy this Day & Night ticket of Empire State Building, we suggest you have the morning experience between 8 am to 10 am.

During this period, the crowd hasn’t started coming in yet.

When to enjoy the night view?

The AM/PM experience ticket allows you to use your night visit pass after 9.30 pm.

The last elevator up to the observatory departs at 1.15 am, so you can visit anytime between 9.30 pm to 1.15 am.

Ticket price:

Adult ticket (13+ years): $70
Children ticket (6 to 12 years): $59
Infant ticket (up to 5 years): Free entry

Note: The Standard Empire State Building ticket, is the cheapest and most popular way to explore the iconic building of USA. The other ticket options are 86 & 102 floor observatory tickets, Express Entry ticket, Sunrise Experience, and the Guided Tour of Empire State Building.

Empire State Building Day and Night Tickets FAQs

Is it worth going to Empire State Building at night?


The Empire State Building at night is a completely different experience that you won’t forget.

With the Empire State Building night tickets, you get to explore the building in a more intimate way, with the skyline shimmering at its best.

Visiting the Empire State Building at night is also perfect for a romantic evening or even for a proposal venue!

Is it better to see Empire State Building at night or day?

The night and day Empire State Building experiences have their own charm, but depending on your liking, you can choose either.

Empire State Building is very crowded during the day but provides excellent views during this time.

On the other hand, the Empire State Building is not overcrowded at night, gives a more intimate experience and is perfect for a romantic visit.

Insider tip: The Empire State Building day and night tickets allow you to visit both so you don’t have to choose!

How much does it cost to view the Empire State Building?

Viewing the Empire State Building from the outside is completely free since it is a world-famous part of the New York City skyline!

However, we highly recommend entering the Empire State Building to catch the incredible view from the 86th or 102nd observation decks or both.

A regular Empire State Building admission ticket costs $48 which includes the 86th floor, 80th-floor exhibits, Grand Staircase and the Art deco lobby.

Is it worth buying Empire State Building tickets in advance?

Yes, you must buy Empire State Building tickets in advance, preferably online.

This is because the Empire State Building is a world-famous attraction with millions of visitors each year, causing it to be crowded at times.

Buying Empire State Building tickets in advance ensures entry and saves you from last-minute disappointment of tickets running out once you reach the venue.

Which is better at night Empire State Building or Top of the Rock?

Both the Empire State Building and Top of the Rock offer spectacular views of New York City at night.

The Empire State Building offers a classic New York City experience and has been an iconic landmark for nearly a century. 

From the observation deck on the 86th floor, you can see the city skyline in all directions, including views from the Chrysler Building to the Statue of Liberty.

Top of the Rock, located at Rockefeller Center, is a newer attraction that offers sweeping views of Central Park and the Empire State Building. 

The Top of the Rock observation deck is located on the 70th floor and offers both indoor and outdoor viewing areas.

Featured Image: ESBNYC.com

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