Empire State Building Elevator Experience

The Empire State Building has 1872 steps; these steps can be daunting, but taking an elevator is the smartest choice for visitors.

Join us as we explore the fascinating Empire State Building Elevator Experience, making your journey to the 102nd-floor observatory a breeze.

Top 3 Empire State Building Tickets 

Empire State Building General Admission

Regular Admission Ticket 

Empire State Building Express Entry


86 & 102 floor Ticket

86 & 102 floor

Number Of Elevators in the Empire State Building

Ever wondered how many elevators to get to the top of the Empire State Building? 

Well, buckle up because the Empire State Building boasts 73 Otis elevators! 

These vertical chariots are here to make your ascent to the 102nd floor smooth and efficient.

They are divided into several banks and are positioned to ensure efficient and convenient transportation for building occupants and visitors.

Office Elevators

63 elevators serve the office floors of the building, from the 5th floor to the 86th floor. 

These elevators are divided into four banks, providing quick and efficient service for building occupants.

Observatory Elevators

Five elevators serve the observatories on the 86th and 102nd floors. 

These express elevators quickly transport visitors to the observation decks.

Service Elevators

Five service elevators serve the building’s mechanical floors, from the basement to the 80th floor. 

These elevators transport materials and equipment to and from the building’s upper floors.

Empire State Building Elevator Experience 

Step into a world of elevator wonders at the Empire State Building.

These aren’t your average elevators but your ticket to smooth rides.

With 73 Otis elevators in action, the journey becomes as memorable as the destination. 

Say goodbye to stairs, and let these elevators elevate your experience!

The elevators in the Empire State Building are an integral part of your journey.

Witness the transformation of the elevator ceiling into a storytelling canvas.

It showcases the building’s construction history during the ascent and the Art Deco masterpiece on the descent.

It’s a blink-and-miss experience, not just an elevator ride.

Empire State Building Mini Elevator Show with Sound

The magic of Imaginary Forces takes center stage with mini elevator shows featuring sound. 

These captivating shows wonder about your journey. They take you on a time-traveling adventure through the building’s history and art.

Elevator rides just got a whole lot more entertaining!

How Fast is the Elevator in the Empire State Building

Hold tight because these elevators aren’t just efficient; they’re fast! 

Ascending to the 102nd Floor Observatory at an incredible speed of 1,200 feet per minute (366 m/min), the 73 Otis elevators ensure you reach your destination quickly. 

Marvel at the breathtaking views of New York City as you soar through the skyscraper, making your ascent a thrilling and swift experience. 

It’s not just an elevator; it’s a high-speed journey to the top of the Empire State Building.

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How many elevators are there in the Empire State Building for visitors?

The Empire State Building has a total of 73 elevators, but only six are dedicated to transporting visitors.

How long does it take for the elevator to reach the 86th floor, the main observatory deck?

The elevator ride to the 86th floor takes approximately 55 seconds, providing a swift ascent to the top.

Is there a fee to use the elevators for the Empire State Building Observatory?

Visitors must purchase tickets to access the elevators and experience the Observatory.

Are the elevators at the Empire State Building wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the elevators are designed to be wheelchair-accessible, ensuring inclusivity for all visitors.

Are there any multimedia elements in the elevator experience?

Yes, the elevators feature multimedia presentations that showcase the history and construction of the Empire State Building.

Can visitors use the elevators to go to other floors besides the observatory?

The elevators primarily serve the observatory floors, and visitors can’t access other building floors using these elevators.

Are there any age or height restrictions for using the elevators?

There are no specific age or height restrictions for using the elevators; they are suitable for visitors of all ages.

Do the elevators operate during special events or holidays?

Yes, the elevators operate during special events and holidays, but checking for any schedule changes in advance is recommended.

Is there a guided narration during the elevator ride, explaining the surrounding landmarks?

Yes, the elevator ride includes a pre-recorded narration providing information about the landmarks visible from the Observatory.

Can visitors take pictures or videos inside the elevators?

While visitors are not prohibited from taking pictures or videos inside the elevators, it’s advisable to be considerate of other guests and the limited time during the ride.

Featured Image: CNN.com

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