Directions to Empire State Building

Empire State Building is in the heart of Manhattan, New York, a mix of residential and commercial areas.

It is located at 350 5th Avenue, New York – between 33rd and 34th Street.

The building is, in fact, so huge that it has its own zip code – 10118.

Despite its size, reaching the building is fairly easy and convenient.

Empire State Building has entrances

There are two entrances to the historic building, one for visitors and the other for tenants (the building houses many corporate offices).

The Empire State Building’s entrance for tourists is through the visitors’ center at 20 W. 34th St

If you cannot find the 34th St. Empire State Building entrance, look for the number 20 and a sign over a doorway that says ‘observatory.’

The private entrance reserved for tenants and the visitors they bring in is on Fifth Avenue, 34th and 33rd Streets.

How to Reach Empire State Building

Multiple modes of transportation can be convenient to reach the Empire State Building.

Of course, walking is an option, but to feel like a New Yorker, taking public transportation is a good place to start.

We have an elaborate list of transportation options in store for you!


The subway is the most convenient mode of transportation and is highly recommended by us.

Most subway stations are within a 5-10 minute walking distance from the Empire State Building.

StationTrain linesDistance from ESB
34th Street Herald Square StationB, D, F, M, N, Q, R, W2 minute walk
34th Street Penn Station1, 2, 3 and A, C, E9 minute walk
Grand Central Terminal4, 5, 6, 714 minute walk

You can find the schedules of the train you want to take on the MTA official website.

Taking the Bus

Taking the bus
Image: Viator.com

There are a number of buses that will drop you close to the Empire State Building.

During Empire State Building’s opening hours, buses are available at regular intervals.

Bus StopBusDistance from ESB
W 35th St or 5 Av/W 35 StreetX27, X28, X37, X383 minute walk
5th Ave & W 34th StQM10, QM12, QM15, QM16, QM17, BxM7, BxM182 minute walk

New York’s Yellow Cab

Hailing the yellow taxi cab is a scene you must have seen in a range of American pop culture.

These cabs are so popular because they have been a part of the New York culture for decades.

If you are a tourist with a little extra money in your budget, this experience is a must!

This mode of transportation comes in handy when you are traveling from a nearby attraction or have a lot of things to carry with you.

For example, when you’re thinking about how to get to Empire State  Building from Times Square.

A lit-up center light (on top of the cab) indicates a driver who is available.

The best part is that these NYC cab drivers know the streets and directions to popular attractions.

The cab may be a little expensive, but it runs on an accurate meter. The charges are as follows:

Base fare: $2.50
Moving charges: 50 cents per 1/5 mile (when the cab is moving at a speed of or above 6 miles/hour)
Traffic charges: 50 cents per 2 minutes or when moving at speed less than 6 miles/hour
New York State tax surcharge: 50 cents
Extra charges between 4 pm to 8 pm on weekdays: $1
Extra charges between 8 pm to 6 am: 50 cents

Driving to the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is located in the heart of Manhattan, so driving there might be a huge task.

Being a busy state, driving through Manhattan means navigating a lot of traffic.

Parking along the streets is limited and you may have to find a parking facility that may be quite expensive. 

Driving through the streets of New York is an experience in itself. So there are always feasible options to park. 

We have some nearby parking spots and garages shortlisted for you.

Empire State Building Map

Click here to access the Empire State Building Map for accurate guidance.

Featured Image: ESBNYC.com

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