Parking near Empire State Building

The Empire State Building does not provide parking of its own. 

Even though that might seem inconvenient, we have some practical options near the building.

Free parking near the Empire State Building can be availed on the closeby streets on Sundays and weekdays after 6 pm.

The Empire State being in a central location, numerous parking spots and garages nearby provide parking at reasonable rates.

Metered parking will cost you between $6-$8 for your preferred time range. However, metered parking is limited, so you might have to park elsewhere on a busy day.

Most on-site parking garages charge between $5-$20 to park for a day.

The charges increase rapidly when you choose offsite parking garages and may even touch a daily charge of $70.

Your best friend to find you a parking spot will be any New York parking app. This will help you pre-book your parking spot that will be secure even before you step out to see the building.

Some cheap parking garages near the Empire State Building are:

Parking garageCharges Walking time to Empire State Building
AZ Parking$28/hour1 minutes
8 E 33rd Street$35 upto 1 hour3 minutes
Meyers Parking System, Inc.$13 for 1 hour3 minutes
Aero Parking Garage (Propark)$24 upto 1 hour6 minutes

You can pre-book these parking spots on their official websites so that you don’t need to wait and get instant access. 

These sites also have offers and discounts which will help you cut costs. 

Make sure that you park your car securely without leaving anything valuable behind.

Featured Image: ESBNYC.com

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