6th Floor – Culinary Delights

Start your adventure on the sixth floor, where you’ll find a food lover’s paradise. 

Enjoy delicious meals from different places, like New York’s famous hot dogs and burgers, and exotic dishes from all around the world. 

While you eat, remember to take in the fantastic city views through the oversized windows!

21st Floor – Exclusive Events

As you move up to the 21st floor, you’ll discover a place for special parties and important events. 

Imagine hosting your dream celebration here with chic spaces and breathtaking city views. 

It’s like being a superstar at your very own party!

25th Floor – Skyline Terrace

Take a break from the city buzz on the 25th floor’s Skyline Terrace. 

This peaceful outdoor space is like a secret garden high above the streets. 

Relax among beautiful flowers and greenery while enjoying the stunning cityscape – it’s a moment of calm amidst the busy city.

31st Floor – Artistic Expression

The 31st floor is an art lover’s paradise. 

With excellent art studios, galleries, and fascinating exhibitions,it will mesmerize you.

From modern masterpieces to mind-boggling installations, you’ll be amazed by the creativity that surrounds you.

72nd Floor – Private Offices and Co-Working Spaces

When you reach the 72nd floor, it’s time to get down to work – but with a view! 

This floor offers private offices and co-working spaces where you can be productive while overlooking the city below. 

Working in the clouds is a unique experience!

82nd Floor – Health and Wellness Center

Take care of yourself on the 82nd floor, dedicated to health and wellness. 

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa session, hit the gym for a workout, or enjoy peaceful moments in serene spaces. 

It’s all about feeling good and refreshed.

86th Floor – Main Observatory Deck

Get ready for a jaw-dropping view on the 86th floor’s main observatory deck! 

From the (1050 feet) height, you’ll get 360-degree panoramic city views.

It’s a picture-perfect moment to capture the beauty of New York City!

102nd floor – Spectacular Views

 You’ll get more incredible city views on the 102nd floor (1224 feet).

When you reach this spot, you’ll be surrounded by huge windows that show you the most amazing views of New York City.

You’ll see the city like never before – tall buildings, winding rivers, and the beautiful Central Park spread below you. 

It’s like you’re floating among the clouds!

Step outside onto the terrace, and you’ll feel the wind gently blowing. 

Take pictures of this breathtaking view, or take a moment to soak it all in.

Day or night, the Observatory Deck on the 102nd floor is where dreams come true. 

You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world, and the city will look like a magical wonderland.

103rd Floor – Pinnacle Experience

And finally, the highest point of your adventure! 

The pinnacle of your adventure is on the 103rd floor, soaring at approximately 1,250 feet tall.

Its creators initially designed the 103rd floor as an airship morning mast. 

But now it’s the pinnacle of the Empire State Building, where only the brave can tread.

It’s more of a balcony with a low ledge, and the whole of New York surrounds it from below. 

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