Restaurants near Empire State Building

Can you eat at the Empire State Building? Are there any restaurants near Empire State Building? Do we get snacks at the Empire State Building?

The answer to all these questions is a big YES! You need not worry about hunger pangs within the New York’s best Observatory – the Empire State Building.

Quality food and tasty snacks made with the best ingredients are available for you to eat and enjoy your time at the stunning skyscraper.

Experience the most chic New York restaurants and Mexican cuisine within the ESB.

State and Grill Bar

state and grill bar near empire state building
Image: OpenTable.com

Get a taste of Modern New York cuisine at the State and Grill Bar. 

Experience fine dining and hospitality throughout the day, step in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, according to your own time.


Grab a bite of classic Mexican cuisine, munch tacos and sip Margaritas at the Tacombi.

Tacombi’s authentic Mexican food from this restaurant is ever ready here to make your Empire State Building trip much better (and tastier obviously!).

Quick bites at ESB

quick bites at empire state building
Image: ESBNYC.com

If you just want to grab some quick bites before carrying on with your journey to the top, these fast-food shops are for you. 

You can find them on the ground floor itself. 

Which makes it easier for you to pack some handy snacks along or chew on something quickly before moving on with the trip.

Operating throughout the day, three shops are there to take care of your snacking needs:


Get delicious Japanese cuisine (especially sushi!) served hot and quickly at this place. 


Want to eat healthy? Bite into the tastiest salads and wraps by Chopt, which provide fast-food but nutritiously!


At Chipotle, you’ll find jaw dropping varieties of Mexican dishes like quesadillas and burritos to choose from.

Juice Press

juice press near empire state building
Image: Happycow.net

Get the best juices and smoothies from Juice Press, who are famous for using the freshest fruits and vegetables in all of NYC.

They have developed their recipes over the years with the aim of merging wellness with the food industry.


For those who’d prefer a tried and tested option, the ever-present Starbucks is here too.

Sip one of their classic coffees before moving on, readying yourself before making it to the top.

You can’t be visiting the Empire State Building for its restaurants? For checking out fantastic views from the building’s observatories, you need to have entry tickets.

Note: The Standard Empire State Building ticket, is the cheapest and most popular way to explore the iconic observation deck. The other ticket options are Express Pass, 86 & 102 floor observatory tickets, AM/PM ticket, Sunrise Experience and the Guided Tour of Empire State Building.

Featured Image: StateGrill&Bar.com

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